China Glaze – Sugar Plums

Hi sweeties !

You know how much I love purple and similar shades, so when China Glaze released the Christmas 2010 collection ‘Tis the Season to be Naughty and Nice, I had to get Sugar Plums !

As the name says, it’s a dark plum with a strange finish. It has some multicolor glitter in it, which are very pretty, but it dries to a kind of rough/bumpy finish, just like if there was sugar stuck on it !
It’s not really disturbing, but it’s very special :) It’s not as rough as some glitter polish I’ve tried before …

You can guess the little bumps on those pics.
Other than that little singularity, the formula was very good, totally opaque with two coats and a short drying time.

I added the flower to make a quick accent, but I can’t remember which brand it is. I suppose it was an Essence or Peggy Sage sticker.
On this last pic, you can see the thin glitter in the bottle and on my nails.

This shade disappointed me a bit due to its finish, but I really liked it. Pretty and classy color :)

What do you think ? Did you get this polish or other winter collections ?