Nfu Oh – 63

Hi everyone :)

I hope you’re fine and get used with the new blog :)

For my first real post on this new domain, I have a true beauty to show you ! It’s Nfu Oh #63, and it’s pure pink holo goodness !
As you can see, Nfu Oh’s holos are true linear holos, just as we like them (in fact I love all holos but these ones are so stunning !)
Its like a pink version of Gosh Holographic, with tons of color changing effects. I don’t think I have to teel you how much it’s pretty :)

I took several pics with different lights, so get your eyes prepared for this wonder !

The application is a bit messy like most holos. It’s an habit to take, if you paint over the wet polish, it will make a blank spot. So just try not to go over the same place and it will be ok. I usually do a thicker second coat to fill the blanks if needed.

I didn’t apply any top coat as I didn’t want to lose the holo effect, and it lasted two days on my nails. I could have left it for a third day but the tip wear began to be too much for me. Holos a great, but they are fragile !

Now the only thing I can say is I seriously need other Nfu Oh holos :D
Do you like it ? Have you ever tried a Nfu Oh holographic shade ?

Have a nice day :)