Pink Wednesday: China Glaze Broken Hearted

Hi sweeties !

Is it wednesday yet ? I don’t see the days going by …
For this Pink Wednesday (remember, on wednesday I wear pink :D ), I’ll show you a crackle polish from the first China Glaze Crackle Series (as now they also offer a second range with metallic crackles). It’s called Broken Hearted and it’s a sweet bubble gum pink :)

I layered it over China Glaze Snow from last winter edition. On the pic above, you can see it without any top coat, you can notice it dries matte.

The pic below was taken with my new natural light lamp but I have to get used with it ! The picture itself isn’t really good, but the color is more like it looks in real life.

This last pic was taken in the sunlight, I still can’t get the true color, it’s a bit more vibrant in real, compared to my pics.

The combo is very simple but I really enjoyed it and had compliments on it (even from my colleagues, who are all men; they usually don’t notice my nails xD )

So, do you like it ? Do you still follow the crackle trend or are you bored with it ?
We can see a lot of crackles since a few month, and I must admit sometimes I’d like to see something else in the new collections … But I’m glad to have these, when you’re in a hurry and don’t want to go for a single shade, just crack it ! :D

Before I leave you, I have a few words to say about the base, China Glaze Snow. It’s from the ‘Tis the Season to be Naughty and Nice Winter 2010 collection and it’s from far the best white I’ve used until now !

I don’t wear white polish alone, it just don’t suit my skin tone at all, it make my hands look like lobsters, and I feel like if I painted my nails with a corrector fluid, like most of us did when we were child :D
But I needed a white polish for nail art, to use as a base for designs, so I chose this one. I’m very glad of it, it’s totally opaque in two coats and very shiny, it doesn’t dry too slow, really, it’s perfect for me !

I took a picture of it alone just for you :) (I didn’t apply it very well so there were bubbles, but I didn’t really care as I wanted to crackle it … sorry !)

Have a nice day :)