Zoya – Crystal

Hi dear readers :)

Do you mind if I show you a non-seasonal polish today ? Not so long ago, I finally decided to get Zoya Crystal, from the Flame collection that was released last winter. I still wonder how I didn’t get this beauty earlier, and I’m also planning to add some other Zoya Flame beauties to my collection !

Zoya Crystal is a wonderful iced light blue base with gold flecks in it. It’s the kind of polish that is so sheer at the first coat you think you’ll never get it opaque, but a second coat fixes it and no vnl is visible.

It also dries fast, one more good point for Zoya Crystal ! :D

I don’t have anything like that in my stash, I really love this color ! As far as I know, the only similar polish is OPI Reflecting Pool (which is a perfect dupe in fact) but this one is very hard to find right now.

Look at those yummy gold flecks in the pic above <3

I don’t hold many Zoya polish and I just noticed this is the first time I post one of them ! I just tried Breezi from that brand so you’ll see swatches soon :)

So, what’s your advice ? Do you like this shade ?

Have a nice day :)