Essence – Blue Ray

Hi sweeties !

I hope you’re having a nice weekend ! Mine is fine, I saw the last Harry Potter yesterday and loved it ! I wanted to make a movie related manicure to go to the cinema but I didn’t have time :(

Well, there was a lot of pink and purple these last days here, I love them a lot and I know a lot of you like them too, but what about some blue to change ? :)

Last month, Essence released a collection called Meet Me with 5 new polish. They were not released in Belgium but a dear friend brought 3 of them back and offered me them ! <3
The most attractive to me was Blue Ray, a dark duochrome blue with purple reflects and beautiful shimmer. Here he is :)

I used three coats and no top coat. The application was okay but i had some blank spots after the second coat, that’s why I added the third one :)

Are you ready for some picture spam ? :)

Isn’t Blue Ray a stunning blue duochrome ? :)

There is only one mystery about this polish and the whole collection: why do people at Essence still call their duochrome make up “holographic” ? I knew at the second I saw the first pictures of this collection that it wouldn’t be true holos, but I still feel like some deception about that … We want more real holos !! :D

Have a nice day dear readers :)