Pink Wednesday: Splatter Manicure

Hi sweeties !

I’m sure you’ve seen this trend on other blogs these last days … Splatter manicure !
I discovered it on Jen’s Facebook page, and I immediatly ran to her blog to get more explanations on how she did. I found her tutorial, and in fact it’s just sooo easy to do ! You just need a straw and the polish of your choice :)

Of course, I *HAD* to try that manicure by myself …
I started with pale base polish, Color Club Who are you Wearing from their Rebel Debutante collection. Application was a real mess, it’s sheer and very streaky. I had to use 3 coats, and as it was not drying fast enough, I added a coat of Seche Vite which helped to hide the streaks.
The result is quite good but it needed too much work imo !

Then I took my straw and chose two bright pink shades, Borghese Raspberry Sorbetto and China Glaze Ahoy ! And I did this:

I loved this manicure so much !! I can only thank Jen for her tutorial, now I have to try it with other colors :)
What I dislike the most is the big flat splatter on my left ring finger. I prefer when they are thinner, as on my right hand :p
Do you like this effect ? Did you try it or plan to do it ? I’d love to see your splatters, don’t hesitate to link them in the comments section :)
Have a nice day :D