Sponging & Konad over Dirty Berry

Hi dear readers !

I’m very happy, I finally managed to get my old RSS feed redirected to the new one, and now I appear again on your blogrolls and feed readers ! That was really bothering me … I found the solution thanks to this article, if you’re interested in it.

On to today’s nails, this is a stamping I made some weeks ago and which I loved a lot !

It all started when I saw some of the latest Konad plates on NDED, especially m83. I totally fell in love with the cute hearts and birds on it, though I’m usually not a big lover of the heart patterns.

I started with a sponged french manicure with my beloved Catrice Dirty Berry. Then I stamped the heart and bird designs in black Konad special polish and finished with a purple rhinestone on the ring fingerand one coat of Seche Vite.

I didn’t have the occasion to make natural light pictures but I think my new daylight lamp did it good enough :)

I was asked how I do my sponged manicures, well it’s very easy in fact. I tried many kind of sponges but my fave to use is a classical sponge you use to wash the dishes. I cut several pieces, one sponge makes many uses ^^
I pour some drops of polish in a small plate, dip the sponge in it and tap it on the nails from the tip to the nail bed. The first coat is very thin so I tap the sponge on almost 3/4 of the nail. I do it on all the nails, then start again but I only tap on 1/2 of the nail. If needed, I do this again, sponging only the border of the tip.

This technique helps to have a soft gradient and also works if you want to sponge over another base color.

So, what’s your advice ? Do you like this stamping ? :)

Have a nice day ^^