Beach Manicure

Hi dear readers :)
Today, I’ll exceptionally won’t make a Pink Wednesday post, but be sure it will be back next week :)
On a board where I usually chat with friends, there are some polish and nail art fanatics and someone launched the idea to make monthly challenges between us. Nothing to win, just a simple theme to interpret each month. As I’m on holliday for the end of the challenge, it was decided that I post my manicure here on the last day of the month :)
The first theme came naturally during this summer: the beach !
Here’s what I made …
It’s not a unique design, I’ve seen it many times on the web with different interpretations, but I’m really proud of it ’cause it turned out exactly like I wanted :)
And believe me, when I only had the sponged colors on the nails without top coat and palm tree, it wasn’t really appealing …
First, I painted my nails with two coats of Orly Blushing Bud. Then I sponged near the cuticles with the dark purple, Orly Wild Wisteria.
I continued with the orange, Essence Sun Downer. I really like this polish for sponging with bright colors :)
I added the yellow but gave it a round shape with the sponge, to remember the downing sun. I used Orly Lemonade (my only yellow lol) but it  was too bright so I added some Sun Downer again in light touches to make the yellow a bit more realistic.
I applied a first coat of Seche Vite to make the surface smooth and ready for stamping, then I used the palm tree from Konad plate m29 and special polish in black.
Finally I sponged some black (Essence fatal) at the base of the palms, added a coat of Seche Vite and it was done :)
I know it looks a bit long when I explain all the steps, but the sponged areas dry fast and you can do this design more quickly than it looks :)
Well, now my friends are discovering my entry to their challenge, I hope they like it and I hope you do, too :)
What’s your advice ?
Have a nice day !