Claire’s Daring/Innocent

Hi dear readers !
I hope you’re fine ! I’m preparing some planned posts from now because next weekend is my wedding, and after that I’ll be in Spain for 2 weeks (if you have good addresses for nail shopping, please comment … :D ), so this week you’ll still have some “real-time” posts but most of them will be planned (which also means I won’t be there to answer your comments)
Last year, I asked some help on this blog, I was dreaming to find the five first Mood Polish by Claire’s and thanks to LacquerMuse I got them all :) I wore them all but never had time to take pictures, so I finally did as i was wearing Daring/Innocent last week.
If you don’t know what a mood polish is, it’s a polish that changes color depending on the warm or cold temperature. The funny thing is the way it looks like a french manicure if you have not too short nails. Daring is the cold side of this polish, a light grey creme, and Innocent is obviously the warm side, which is a kind of beige with a lot of orange in it and a touch of yellow. That made me think I wouldn’t like it (you know how much I hate yellow) but in fact, I liked it a lot, it was a good surprise :)
It was a very cold day and that Mood didn’t want to show the “french manicure effect”, so I played with water to show it’s colors better … Get ready for some picture spam !
It’s easy to wear, not too bright or flashy but original.
The next day, I decided to add some Claire’s glitter I just bought. In Belgium, Claire’s polish don’t have a name so I don’t know which this one is, but it has a clear base with tiny holo glitter and blue/pink haxagon glitter in it. Very cute, I’ll sure use this again for layering :)
In these last pics you can see the french manicure effect, that’s how it looks usually (at least when your hands are not frozen by the weather), isn’t it funny ?
Do you like it ? Do you own any mood polish, from Claire’s or another brand ?
Claire’s Mood polish can be found on A Beautiful Secret but be careful, they don’t always have them in stock so check from time to time to see if they are available …
Have a nice day :)