Dexter Manicure

Hi dear readers !
Let me wish you a happy Halloween :D What do you do for that day ?
Here in belgium, we don’t really celebrate it, except in some places where they organize a special Halloween event … Some years ago when it started to be a trend here, children came to ask for a trick or a treat, but they are less year after year …
I planned on making a special manicure for Halloween but it looks like my stamping skills are gone for today, so I’ll show you something that’s not really Halloween related but is a bit in today’s mood :)
I’m not a big TV fan but there are some shows I really love and enjoy, and Dexter is one of them. I started to watch it two years ago, I saw all the seasons that were available and promised to myself that I’d make a “Dexter Blood Splatter Manicure” when the 6th season would be released. Well, it has been released in the beginning of the month, so here are my Dexter nails :)
For this easy manicure, I first made a classic white french (because my tips are a bit stained and I didn’t want to show them like that) with an Essence Tip Painter and Catrice Rock Barock, a very sheer pink.
Then I created the blood splatters with a straw, using Eyeko Saucy Polish and this technique.
I finally added one coat of Seche Vite for the glossy touch. That’s all :)
The pic above shows my right hand. When I do splatter manicures, I always prefer the result on the right hand, I can’t explain it :p
That’s all for today :)
Do you like that bloody look ?
What are your favorite TV shows ? Are you a Dexter fan as I am ? :D
Have a nice day, and a Happy Halloween :D