Pink Wednesday: China Glaze Midtown Magic & Pink Crackle

Hi sweeties :)
Wow, it’s wednesday yet ! The weeks go by so fast … That means my birthday is coming lol :p And that also means that my blog will have it’s birthday too, next month … Get ready for a giveaway :)
For today’s pink manicure, I wanted to try a crackle polish I bought in Spain over a brownish base. I chose China Glaze Midtown Magic for that.
Midtown Magic is a very dark chocolate base loaded with gold and brown glitters. Let me tell you it’s very pretty, and perfect for fall. that’s another shade from the Metro collection that I loved at first sight :)
For the crackle, I chose Isadora Masterpiece Pink, a soft pastel pink, very cute and different from other pink crackles I own (China Glaze’s and OPI’s, I should compare them to show you)
I bought this during my hollidays in Spain, they had a nice range of Isadora crackle polish at Douglas and we can’t find them easily in Belgium :(
Anyway, I only picked this one because I already had the other shades that I wanted in other brands, and I don’t really want to have doubles in my crackle collection …
I liked the combo, but I regret the glitter don’t show a lot unless there is a ray of sunlight :( It was less impressive than I expected. But still lovely, with a classic and discreet look :)
The pic above show the glitters of Midtown Magic a bit more. I like it :)
Do you like this combo ? I’ve always love chocolate and pink mixed together, I only wish it was a bit more blingy :)
Have a nice day :)
China Glaze Midtown Magic is from the Metro Collection and is available on NailetcIsadora Crackle polish are available at Douglas stores and here for the USA