Pink Wednesday: First Jelly Sandwich

Hi sweeties !
Have you seen those awesome jelly sandwiches (or glitter sandwiches if you prefer) that popped on nail blogs since this summer ? I couldn’t resist to that trend (well, if it’s still a trend, I’m so late on trying new stuff …) and did my own.
Jelly sandwich is very easy and gives amazing results. All you need is a sheer polish with a jelly finish, and a glitter polish.
I started with two coats of OPI Do You Think I’m Tex-Y, then added one coat of OPI Spark de Triomphe, one coat of Essence Louise (I wanted some square glitters) and finally applied two other coats of Tex-Y. I prefered to use each coat for each “sandwich” part to get a more intense color. Here’s the result:
Can you see the depth given to the glitter by the jelly polish ? It really has a unique look !
You might know that I usually don’t like sheer polish because of the vnl, but now I’ve tried that, be sure I’ll get some of them to create some pretty jelly sandwiches :D
Do you like it ? Have you ever tried that kind of layering ?
Have a nice day :)