Flormar U33

Hi dear readers :)
I have a good news for you ! My blog is celebrating it’s second birthday this month ! Yeah, I’ve been blogging and collecting nail polish for two years … I didn’t see the time going by :)
The good news in it, is I’ll celebrate this with a giveaway ! You’ll have a chance to win pretty shades from Essence, Catrice, P2, Classics, … Stay tuned, i’ll post all the info about it tomorrow or wednesday !
On to today’s polish ! I bought this beauty while I was in Spain because we can’t get Flormar in Belgium. I was soooo happy to find them ! I bought 15 shades in a row, the seller might have taken me for a fool (especially because my spanish is very basic and she didn’t speak english, it was hard to understand each other …)
My most wanted shade was U33 (wow, I hate when polish have boring numbers …), a wonderful teal and purple duochrome with incredible reflects … I have no words to describe it, and it was also hard to capture but well, here it is:
I didn’t need a lot of words, the pictures tell by themselves …
As you can see, the effects are really changing depending on the light ! It’s a gorgeous polish, a must have for all duochrome lovers :)
Do you like it ?
Have a nice day :D