Misa Toxic Seduction

Hi dear readers :)
I hope you’re fine and enjoy my giveaway ^^
For today I have a swatch of an “old” polish, Toxic Seduction by Misa. I bought this polish soooo long ago, I almost forgot it was in my stash ! This comes from the Poisoned Passion collection (2008).
Toxic Seduction is a very dark green shimmer with hints of blue depending on the light. On my nails it always looked more green than blue, but it’s very pretty. I really wonder why I didn’t use it before :)
It has a great finish, but the texture was a bit goopy. I read some other blogger’s posts about this polish and they all say it has a great application and no particular issues, so I’m convinced it became goopy because I didn’t use it.
Sorry Mr. Toxic Seduction, I promise to give you a good shake and use you much more !
I layered another great polish on it, but you’ll have to wait for the next post to see what I’ve done ;)
Have a nice day :)