Essence High Spirits & Make it Golden

Hi dear readers :)

I hope you’re fine. I’m sorry, I wanted to post earlier but I was ill ’till today and stood in my bed all time, sleeping or reading blogs from my iPad. At least I read a lot of posts to reduce my lateness on this lol.
Now I feel better, I’ll get back to work tomorrow and I have a new post for you :)

This is a combo I made a couple of weeks ago, and I loved it ! I first applied two coats of Essence High Spirits, a shimmery khaki green which is really pretty. I can’t believe I didn’t like shades of green before I became a polish addict :p
I sponged the tips with another great polish from Essence, Make it Golden. This one is a very sheer gold base with different sizes of gold glitter. Trust me, it’s a must have ! I hope one day Essence will make the same in silver, that would be a must-have basic :)
I also used one coat of make it Golden on the ring finger to create an accent.

I loved how reflective the glitters were <3 Do you like that look ?
I also took some pics of High Spirits on its own but they are not that good … Anyway, if you want to see the shimmer of this one, here they are:
I hope you liked it :)
Have a nice day ^^