Essence Sugar Tonight & Isadora Graffiti Pink Fame

Hi dear readers !

I don’t know if I already mentionned it here, but with my friends, we often go to Germany to track nail polish ! Essence and Catrice are available in Belgium, but we don’t have all limited editions and almost no nail art stuff from those brands. Germany is a kind of goldmine for us :D

That’s also a good opportunity to get some brands we don’t have at all here, like Isadora, BeYu, … That’s how I discovered the crackle top coat I’ll introduce you today :)

This is Isadora Graffiti Pink Fame over Essence Sugar Tonight (Re-Mix Your Style LE).
Sugar Tonight is a pale pink with shimmer. Very pretty in the bottle, but horrible on me, it just doesn’t suit me at all on it’s own !
So I decided to “hide” it with that pretty pink crackle with holo glitters, and I loved the result !

Isn’t that Isadora crackle a beauty ? They also have the same kind of holo glitter filled crackle in blue, I can’t wait to try it :)

Do you like that simple style ?

Thanks for reading and commenting :)

Have a nice day ^^