Guest Post: Lakeisha

Hi dear readers !

As every wednesday in February on Sweet Sugar, today there’s a guest post :)

Please welcome Lakeisha from Refined and Polished ! I’ve been following her lovely blog for a while, and I especially like her idea to add a picture with some clothes and accessories matching her swatches or nail arts … I’m not really into fashion but I like to see how she mixes stuff :) That’s a cute idea !

Hi Sweet Sugar readers! 

I was so excited and almost a little in shock when Gwenn asked me to provide a guest post. I’ve been following this blog for some time, so it’s a big deal to showcase my nails here. Since Valentine’s Day just passed, I wanted to do something soft and girly. Zoya Happi is the epitome of that! Happi is a soft pink that is filled with golden shimmer. The formula was easy to work with and I applied three thin coats for opacity.
The golden shimmer makes Happi amazing. I’m literally smiling as I type this because it’s so pretty! 
Now I couldn’t just provide a simple mani when Gwenn is so awesome at nail art. I’ve been in love with striping tape lately, so I added an accent using two coats Zoya Gaia. Gaia, a soft white, compliments Happi so well because it has the same golden shimmer. To tie the colors together, I added several small dots.
I just love how soft and feminine this is! I hope you all enjoyed as well. Many thanks again to Gwenn for allowing me to guest post!
Thank you a lot Lakeisha !
As I already said in Nihrida’s guest post, I absolutely love pink shades with gold shimmer, those colors compliment each other so well !
I also love the accent nail, it’s soft and cute :) As I have tried tape manicures, I haven’t done one with striping tape yet … I really should try :)

So, did you like it as much as I did ?
Have a nice day :)