Guest Post: Very Emily

Hi dear readers !

Are you ready for another guest post ?
This week I’m glad to welcome Emily from the blog Very Emily ! When I discovered her blog, I immediatl loved her style. She does a lot of freehand with inpiration from flowers, cloth prints, nature … But my fave style from her are those cute vintage flowers she does so well … And guess what ? That’s what she does for her guest post, she even made it to match my blog color scheme :)

Hello Gwenn’s lovely readers! 

When Gwenn asked me guest post for her I felt so honoured and excited! I immediately thought of doing something inspired by her blog’s colour scheme. I ended up doing flowers since Gwenn mentioned she liked my floral prints so this is what I came up with! 

I really love doing flowers, they always look really pretty but are very easy to create. I used thin nail art brushes and stripers.

And the polishes I used were:
Barry M Berry Ice Cream
Barry M Bright Purple
China Glaze VIII
China Glaze Electric Pineapple
China Glaze Starboard
Models Own Nail Art Pens

I really hope you like them! I also would like to thank Gwenn for this amazing opportunity, I had so much fun creating these and I was really happy that you asked me to do a guest post. Thank you so much!

Thank you Emily !
Aren’t these vintage flowers too cute ? I just love everything about them :) I’d like to learn to create them but my tries were unsuccessful for the moment ^^
Emily’s blog talks about nail polish and nail art but not only ! You’ll also find make up, reviews, great pictures … She also makes a lot of reviews for Born Pretty Store and shares nice advices !
Did I mention she’s from Belgium, like me ? We can moan together about belgian shops that don’t have the same stuff than in Germany or Netherlands and our difficulties to find certain brands, lol ;)
Please visit Emily’s blog here:
You’ll even find tutorials to create cute flowers !
I hope you liked her guest post as much as I did :)
Have a nice day !