Koh – Blue Universe

Hi dear readers !

How is your weekend ? Mine is fine, I’m starting a big project that will surely take a while … I have received my nails wheels from BornPrettyStore and I want to swatch all my pretties by color just like Karen from Frazzle & Aniploish did. I hesitated a lot to do it by brand, but sorting them by color talks more to me, and it will help me to avoid dupes as my collection is getting really big … Perhaps a bit too much ;)
My plan is to swatch my collection, remove the dupes or the colors that look very  bad on me (corals for exemple) and start a blog sale when I’m done :)

Today’s polish was a long time lemming of mine … I wanted Koh Blue Universe as soon as I saw it, almost one year ago. I searched in Belgian shops that sell Koh and also in Douglas stores in the Netherlands, but I never found it, they only had the more classic colors from the brands.
Finally I ordered it on Koh’s online store and got my precious !

Blue Universe is a dark blue polish with flakes that change color from green to orange … How pretty !
As you can see in the pics below, it’s also filled with a thin shimmer. Do you understand why I wanted it so bad, now ? ;)

I couldn’t resist to add that pic with a cute owl ring I found on Ebay (thanks to Nihrida, as I found it while searching the angel wings ring she has ^^)

So, what do you think of Koh Blue Universe ? I

I love it and I’m glad I finally bought it. The least part of this polish is it’s price. 14,95€ (19$) is a bit pricey for a polish imo and I’m not used to spend that much on a polish, except for one Lippmann (the others I own were gifts). I had to be really unique for me to pay this price :)

If you want to know more on how to get Koh polishes, then you can read Witoxicity’s Guideline on Where to Buy Koh Nail Polish :)

Have a nice day :)