Sunday Stamping Challenge: Large Flowers

Hi dear readers !

It has become usual on mondays, here’s my stamping for yesterday’s challenge on Adventures in Stamping !

This week’s theme was large flowers. As I just had the Red Angel plates, thanks to another Facebook group filled with fabulous women, The Swapaholics, I absolutely needed to try one of my faves designs from those plates, the pretty flower/foliage from RA119 !

I stamped it in black over one of my newest beauties, the wonderful A-England Princess Tears.
I’m not so glad with the result, some spots were missing and I didn’t center it well on all nails, but I still want to show you.

I have to get used to those new plates, the designs seem to be deeper than on Konad or Bundle Monster (at least on that plate).

Princess Tears is a true wonder. I’d call it a duochrome holigraphic, as it has both effects ! It’s hard to capture  but trust me, it’s real :D
Depending on the light and the position of your nails, you can see it as a color shifting from gray to lilac, or like a pretty scattered holo. The holo effect is stronger than on my pics.
It’s really a unique shade, I don’t have anything like that in my stash and it’s a must have imo :)

I also have Saint Georges and Dragon from that collection and let me tell you that everything you read about them is true, these are real wonders … It was hard to believe for me until i tried them on :)

Do you like it ? Have you ever tried any of the A-England shades ?

Have a nice day :)