An Unknown Polish and Shooting Stars

Hi dear readers !

Did this already happened to you ? You paint your nails, take pics for your blog or for record, want to post them some weeks later and then, you don’t remember at all what you used …

That’s happened to me with these pictures. I loved this mani, but I can’t remember at all what I used as the base. I searched into my stash, compared with my nail wheels and didn’t find anything similar. That’s terrible, isn’t it ?

So, this is the unknown dark red polish, topped with one coat of China Glaze Shooting Stars and a matte accent on the ring finger.
My first idea was to make all the nails matte, but when I saw how glossy Shooting Stars is on it’s own, I didn’t want to lose that effect :)

I love Shooting Stars a lot, it’s a very pretty and festive top coat with beautiful effects. And it works well glossy or matte :)

Do you like it ?
Maybe one day I’ll wear that red polish again and remember what it was … :)

Thanks for reading :)

Have a nice day ^^