Black & White Stamping – Reloaded

Hi dear readers !

Remember last month, I did this black and white stamping for the Facebook challenge:

I liked it, but on the third day I wanted to try something with it. I topped it with one coat of Beyu 209 and OOOH the manicure became nothing but amazing !

This it how it looked after one coat of BeYu209 and one coat of Seche Vite:

I was totally in love with the subtle red/gold glow on the black parts and the sparkly bright purple on the white parts.

That’s another good reason to get a bottle of BeYu 209 (or Max Factor Fantsay Fire, it will be a bit more blue but will act the same way over black and white; or even the Real Unicorn Pee Clarins 230 if you can afford it), I’m sure I’ll use it over black and white manicures many other times :)

BeYu 209 is definitely a must have and I’ll try to get some other bottles on my next trip to Germany :)

Do you like how I changed my b/w manicure ?

Thanks for reading :)

Have a nice day ^^