Essence A Lovely Secret, Stamped

Hi dear readers !

I’m so glad, to day I got my hands on the three polish from the Fruity TE I wanted. It was hard to find them, but they’re mine now :D
Oh and right now I have a true beauty on my nails, Dandy Nails Wingless, but you’ll have to wait a few time for me to post the pics …

Today’s polish is Essence A Lovely Secret, from their latest addition to the Colour & Go range.
A Lovely Secret is a very pretty periwinkle shade with pink and purple microglitters that give a grain aspect to the result, but the surface stays smooth. It’s not really showing in my pics as I stamped directly over it, but you can check The Swatchaholic’s pics to see what I’m talking about – you won’t regret it !

I Stamped over A Lovely Secret with BM plate 210 and China Glaze Millenium. I still can’t decide if I liked it or not, the whole thing looked too bright and too cold in my opinion. It wasn’t bad but not one of my fave combos.

What do you think ?

Thanks for reading and commenting :)

Have a nice day !