Monkey See Monkey Do: Peacock Nails

Hi dear readers !

It’s time for my second MSMD challenge :)
I tried to copy something a bit hard today … The Polished Perfectionist’s Peacock Inspired Nails ! (Please click here to see her version)

You already know I love gradients, but the hard part was to find the three polishes that would look the most like what she used … And I didn’t have any green or blue like hers, can you believe it ? I should really get a royal blue creme …
Let’s see the pics and talk about them below !

The stamping is a mess, isn’t it ?

For the gradient, as I didn’t have the right colors, I used these:
– H&M Moody Model, which is a dark teal, nothing like the green Amy used but I think that color is ok for something  “peacockish”.
– Catrice It Blue My Mind, the worst idea I had … It has shimmers and it doesn’t suit the rest of the look at all :( I should have used a ligher creme blue, the result would have been better.
– Catrice Purposely Purple, which was the best choice, it’s a nearly dupe for China Glaze Grape Pop. But I didn’t add anough purple, and my cam focalized on the blue so you almost can’t notice it.

For the stamping, I really had some hard times ! I had to re-do it 3 times and the result was still the same, parts are missing. At least I had a great tip in my comments recently (sorry girl I don’t remember who you are, my memory is too bad), before stamping I did a thick coat of Seche Vite. So when I failed, I just had to add a very few remover on a q-tip and remove the stamping without messing the gradient !
I stamped with China Glaze Hi-Tek and BM plate 212, then added drops of Flormar U18 and U33 which looked great imo.

So, this is a partial fail for me, I’m sure I could have done it better, but it’s still okay. I might buy the polishes she used and try again because it was such a gorgeous job !

What do you think ?
Do you like peacock related stuff ? I do a lot, these birds have such magical stuff in the colors of their feathers … I need to buy some peacockish jewelry :)

Have a nice day !