Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker

Hi dear readers !

Here’s another polish by Pretty & Polished, I really should have done an “indie week” or “indie month” haha :)

This is Jawbreaker and I think it’s one of her famous polish. It should remind you of the big candies called Jawbreaker, and she did a good ob at this !

Jawbreaker is a white jelly base with yellow, red, purple, green and blue glitters in different sizes, from extra tiny to big chunks. Just like the colors of the candies :)
It also has square red glitters as you can see in my bottle, but I didn’t managed to get any of these on my nails. They seem to be stuck on one side of the bottle due to the transport, so I stored it upside down in my Helmer, hoping they will mix with the rest for next time.
It’s another great polish, with a glitter sandwich effect, which I love a lot ! The application was flawless, great formula to work with.
I’m really in love with that kind of polish actually, what about you ? Do you like it ?
I have a question for you, would you be interested in short posts about my favourite base, top coat, nail cares and material ? I could do that kind of posts between two polish posts, to share my experiences with you :)
Have a nice day :)